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We are a group of University students who will be taking the time to publish what we can find out about the TeenTech event. We will also be helping you find out answers. Not only are we responsible for giving you information, we will also make sure to moderate our posts so you can ask us questions, or even ask other people who have the same interest the question.

Prefer to get in touch privately? No worries, just hit ‘Contact’ at the top of the page!

Countdown Until TeenTech

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HACKED By Mister Spy

Mister Spy HACKED by Mister Spy Hacked By Mister Spy Bot V3 HACKED Mister Spy HACKED Mister Spy HACKED Mister Spy HACKED Mister Spy HACKED Mister Spy thank you gassrini for the tool

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Jules Hall is one of the associates who helped to run TeenTech. In this short interview you will find some interesting facts about TeenTech, personal expectations from her and the point of view about TeenTech from someone that works inside the event. One of the facts that you could find is how many organisations come […]

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Here we’ve got a really helpful interview that we did to two students from Queen Mary University. The activity they were responsible of was basically about how technology can implement technologic components in our body in case we have got any issues. There’s an article already on the website about it called “Technology in our […]

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TeenTech was such a good experience and we found so many interesting things, this was one of them. Some of you probably know this already, but some of you probably don’t. Our body is pretty much a place where (only if we really need to) we can place technologic components. From my personal experience, I […]

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TFL Electronic Signage

If you hadn’t already seen our interview with one of TFL’s beloved representative who takes part in the thinking of making TFL’s electronic bus trackers widely available. Lets talk about some changes they had mentioned! We all know this is the signature countdown for many bus stops which does a great job in informing what […]

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