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    The least expensive and many economical strategy to store homemade baby food is in ice cube trays. You can find them anywhere that sells kitchenware. There are numerous kinds of ice cube trays ranging in size and shape additionally they are available in rubber or plastic. In addition they range in price too, but remember it is important to save money along with be too cheap! Acquiring the real cheap trays to store homemade baby food will frustrate you if it’s time to pop the meal out. You might wind up cracking the tray when receiving the cubes out, or even the cubes will probably be so small you need to use half the tray to have ounce of food!

    Make sure you buy trays with nicely sized cubes, usually about 8-10 cubes per tray. You will discover them for a few bucks each. For the way much baby food you create will depend on what number of trays you will require. When you spoon the newborn food puree into the trays and freeze, you’ll then eliminate the cubes and transfer them into labeled plastic bags and reuse the trays for your batch.

    How many ounces is a cube add up to?

    Since ice cube trays come in different size and shapes, the only way to make certain approximately how many ounces a cube is the same as is always to weigh it yourself using a food scale!

    How about the kind of trays that are in the shape of hearts, stars, etc.?

    Does it really matter that the food cubes are the same shape as little hearts or stars? Once the baby food thaws out, you will not be capable of tell. So spending more money on those cute trays are not necessary, if you don’t consider utilizing them for one more purpose or you already have them.

    Other Canisters

    You may also use freezable glass jars or plastic containers with lids to keep and freeze your homemade baby food. The containers with lids are extremely useful since you can serve your child starting from the container. They’re also a good choice for on-the-go. Store your baby food in whatever really works but be sure you purchase containers that are freezer safe, microwave safe, and is it dishwasher safe.

    Storing and freezing homemade baby food in ice cube trays and then transferring them in plastic bags will not only save you money and can ensure that you have food for up to 8 weeks! You can mix and match food cubes or make just as much or less than you will need.

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