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We are a group of University students who will be taking the time to publish what we can find out about the TeenTech event. We will also be helping you find out answers. Not only are we responsible for giving you information, we will also make sure to moderate our posts so you can ask us questions, or even ask other people who have the same interest the question.

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Recent Articles

SIEMENS Train Signal

SIEMENS used Scratch to show how a simple train signal would work. SIEMENS works with train signals and Alex explains how it all actually works!

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What was it with Scratch? Everyone had been using it at Teentech… Anyway, we were able to talk to someone who uses Scratch to create games based on the if and else statement.

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Thames Water Interview

Tracy working for Thames Water allowed us to interview her. On behalf of Thames Water she had explained the challenges Thames Water overcome on a daily basis. She was right to say that water is taken for granted and we, as consumers do not understand the struggle the company has to provide water for every […]

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Teentech Interview

We were able to ask students on how they felt about Teentech, above is one of the students who was up and enthusiastic about an interview. She expressed her ideas as to why Teentech was important to her and why she attended Teentech.

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Thames Water

At Thames Water they were keen to show the troubles they faced on a daily basis to make sure everyone is connected to a fresh source of water. The activity they had laid out had a lot of pipes, grids with numbers which would show the cost if they were to build in that block, […]

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