What is Scratch?

Scratch is a free programming language and online community where you can create your own interactive stories, games, and animations.

Throughout the event, a lot of the events that had an interactive edge to it, they used Scratch to show their flow charts using the if and else statements without having to code. Scratch is a graphical user interface in the form of a flow chart to, like it said, create your own interactive stories, games and animations.

Scratch was used to create a system to change signals based on a trains position in one of the events with SIEMENS. We had talked to someone who worked at SIEMENS and he explained his technology. In summary, they use magnets to disrupt a force along a line which gives an idea where the train is as well as the direction.

Another person held an event to create a game. The children created a racing game also using the if and else statements. For example, if a user pressed the space key and the function had been set up properly, it would do a command, for example handbrake. Another key factor would be the directional keys to move the car left right or any other direction.

The final stand I will be talking about is the ‘Hacking Light’ where they had a cube which had many LED light bulbs to create a letter of a short phrase due to the limitations. The commands are somewhat different though, rather than the if or else statements, this relies on using grids to inform the cube that you would like that particular LED to turn on.


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