One of the big themes of the TeenTech event was showing kids elements from behind the scenes of the media they consume, specifically one of the features at the event was demonstrating the technology being used in broadcasting to produce computer generated backdrops, otherwise known as “Chroma Keying”.

The way this was demonstrated was by using a specific shade of blue quilt to hold up in front of a camera they had set up. The technology they where using allowed them to filter out anything the camera picked up that had that specific blue of the quilt, and where the camera was filtering out part of the display, it was being filled in with an image of what we where standing in front of to give the illusion that parts of us where missing. This process was being shown to us using two monitors, one of them displaying what I’ve been talking about, and the other showing us what it would’ve looked lick without the “Chroma Keying” technology. This type of technology is used in everyday broadcasting with programming such as the weather forecast.

The other part of this stand was a tablet hooked up with a gadget so that they could render 3d models of people. A person would stand on an mark they made on the floor while someone else held the tablet up to scan the persons head while walking in a circle to scan the entire head of the person standing. The point of both of these features was to enlighten the kids of today about what kind of technology they could be working with should they ever decide to enter a tech job in media.

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