TeenTech was such a good experience and we found so many interesting things, this was one of them. Some of you probably know this already, but some of you probably don’t. Our body is pretty much a place where (only if we really need to) we can place technologic components.

From my personal experience, I already knew that. But what I didn’t know is that we can do that almost everywhere! There was a mannequin that represented where about in our body can technologic components can be placed. They represented that using little green lights that were flashing every second, it was a really dynamic way to show us that fact.

Here we’ve got a picture of a student that was in control of this activity from Queen Mary University, we can also see here the mannequin I was talking about:

Technology is growing up so quick and it’s not just to entertain or to communicate, it is also helping people with their healthy issues. To conclude I would say that I’m expecting in the future the technology to take over many issues that can’t be even fixed today with medicine. So who knows, maybe blind people won’t be blind anymore in ten years time… What do you think? Let us know in a comment.

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