If you hadn’t already seen our interview with one of TFL’s beloved representative who takes part in the thinking of making TFL’s electronic bus trackers widely available.

Lets talk about some changes they had mentioned!

We all know this is the signature countdown for many bus stops which does a great job in informing what time a bus would get to that specific station. I was shocked to know what the cost of making one of these machines was, I won’t say the exact figure but it is over £5,000… yeah…

The purpose of this article is to inform of more cost effective ways that TFL are taking to show the same information in a more modern way!

These are two of the new ideas that TFL will be implementing in hospitals, receptions or any other public access which needs to ensure that people have an idea of how they are getting home. The idea is great as they make the custom marker which will detail stops around that specific point, however it doesn’t just end there, people are allowed to enter custom destinations or bus stops by asking the receptionist, or whoever is in charge to enter that postcode.

The new layout is clean and easy to see, and overall a good user experience design.

I have saved the best idea for last…

This is an amazing idea in my opinion. These will go in busses to show how far they are from the next stop as well as major bus stops that are along the route. It is great as it estimates the times that you could potentially get to your stop.

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